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Torre di Cerrano
Tower of Cerrano
The Tower of Cerrano: the ancient fortress against pirates Saracen
The area is particularly rich in Teramo specialties and delicacies.

We start from the rich appetizer of sausages enriched by various famous cheese of Atri and accompanied by wines such as Montepulciano and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo.

Among the former are worth mentioning except the maccheroni alla chitarra, a pasta made with the classic 'chitarra'; this format is enhanced with a full-bodied meat sauce or a tomato sauce with 'pallotte' (meatballs) which chitarra with pallotte.

Among others include the first tajarill, a long pasta made by hand with water and flour which is generally eating or with beans and bacon, or cheese sauce with meatballs and eggs, maccheroni alla mugnaia, pasta flour and water like a noodle and sauce that goes with lamb or mutton and timballo.

Do not miss the first fish, such as linguine with seafood or gnoccheti seafood.

In traditional Abruzzese cuisine of the poor are very often use lamb, sheep and mutton. A special preparation based on this type of meat kebabs are (in the local dialect "'rrustelle" o "arrustelle"), Typical Teramana Teatina, consisting of lamb (Originally a castrato but mostly now just sheep cut into cubes and pierced by a skewer, which is cooked on a brazier with a characteristic elongated shape defined in Abruzzese dialect "furnacell".

The sheep to callara (or pecora al caldaro), is an ancient recipe dating back to the times when the transhumance, the old ewes, crippled or died long way from the Abruzzi the Apulian, were usually left to the guardians of the flock. To soften the tough meat of sheep underwent a long cookingm, with herbs and spices found in the street in a pot (or the cottora callara fact), while in turn the shepherds looking after the fire and foaming the sauce.

In coastal areas of Abruzzo you can taste the fish soup, marked by the use of many kinds of fish such as cuttlefish, red mullet, sole, dogfish, toads, corn, rockfish, cod and shellfish.

Among the desserts include the parrozzo, a sweet typical of Abruzzo, made with cornmeal and almond-covered chocolate (born in Pescara on the initiative of a famous pastry chef), whose name was given by the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, derived from coarse bread, peasant bread that is made with flour corn.

Among the other desserts cagionetti, a Christmas cake like a ravioli (with a mixture of water, flour, oil and white wine whose filling consists of chickpeas, cocoa, cooked must, cinnamon and orange peel), the bocconotti (pastry tartlets stuffed, sprinkled with powdered sugar, the shape of a truncated inverted cone), the ferratelle (made of flour and oil cooked must, cooked in an iron mold).