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Torre di Cerrano
Tower of Cerrano
The Tower of Cerrano: the ancient fortress against pirates Saracen
Tower of Cerrano

The Tower of Cerrano, is an ancient fortress against the raids of Saracen pirates.

"In Piceno sunt civitates Firmum, Asculum, Pinna et vetustate consumpta Hadria, quae Hadriatico pelago nomen dedit"

So in VIII century A.C., Middle Ages, the historian Paolo Diacono described the coastal towns of Abruzzo and Marche, photographing in a merciless revocation of Atri, rich and powerful in Roman times to the point of moving its fleet of war against Taranto. Nothing tells the history about the harbor, a clear sign that, if there really had been erased by time and by the fury of the sea. It was the Cardinal of Ascoli, in 1251, to give the guelph Atri privileged to rebuild it.

And the choice fell on the mouth of the river Cerrano, where work began quickly, because at the end of the century was in full effect and most probably passed through it blocks of Istrian stone came overseas to build the Cathedral.

In 1447 the Venetian fleet sailed southward with a clear mission: to devastate the ports of the Kingdom of Alfonso I of Aragon, including that of Atri in Cerrano. Severe damages were suffered, especially from the tower of defense. In 1516 the municipality took note of the final burial of the port and decided to rebuild it anew albeit smaller, within walking distance. The works were never principle.

The new century saw the coast Atriana but plagued by an enemy far more insidious and vicious: the Turks. Giovan Girolamo D'Acquaviva, Duke of Atri, opposed a strenuous resistance to the raiders who came from the sea. Indeed, it was thanks to him alone, and its network of sightings, where the terrible summer of 1556 Abruzzi were spared the ravages that afflict Italy costs elsewhere. From there a short, under the growing pressure of the Turks Perafan His Excellency Don Pedro Perafan de Ribera, Viceroy and Duke of Alcala, decided to give the costs of a system of coastal watch towers and did complete the work begun by the Duke of Acquaviva including a massive guard station between the mouths of Vomano and Piomba: the Tower of Cerrano.

Stop the raids of enemies overseas tower gradually lost importance, knowing the centuries to follow twists and turns. It was sold to the Marquis De Sterlich, picturesque figure of the scion of a noble family in the forthcoming local decline. Of him was said to have habits to say the least unusual, known to reach Ancona travel difficult roads having the time to taste the coffee. The tower suffered the owner for little, given that Marucci, grandsons of the old owner, bought back at auction and then sell it in the early 80's, the Province of Teramo.

The Tower, renovated, became home to a marine biology lab currently under management of the Zooprofilattico Institute of Teramo.

Source of attraction is now a destination for outdoor walks on the beach in moments between ancient history and nature.